The Chanel Haute Couture Women's Spring/Summer 2024 collection was recently held in Paris.

The venue, titled "THE BUTTON", featured a giant Coco mark prominently displayed on a button.


CHANEL Spring-Summer 2024 Haute Couture collection show by Virginie Viard held at the Grand Palais Ephemère!

Buttons, both decorative and utilitarian, have entered the world of ballet and dance.

The collection is based on pink and white watercolor paintings, with white ballet leotards and tights, long dresses, short straight skirts, jumpsuits, tulle, pleats, lace, flowers and ribbons, with a graceful and feminine sensibility that embraces contemporary culture.

Ballet cores have been in vogue since last year.

This season, it is likely to become even more central to the fashion trend.


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