Vintage Chanel Matelassé: The Secret to its Popularity vol.2

Vintage Chanel Matelassé: The Secret to its Popularity vol.2

In the first part, I explained about vintage Chanel and the features of matelassé. If you haven't seen it yet, please take a look at it as well :)

The latter part will explain the typical materials used in matelassé bags and the reasons for their popularity.

■Typical materials used for matelassé bags are as follows

Lambskin material

Cowhide Leather

Crocodile Leather



Here are the characteristics of each material.


- Lambskin material: 

There are various types of sheepskin materials such as "baby lambskin," "sheepskin," and "mouton," but lambskin is used for matelassé.

Lambskin is leather from lambs that are less than one year old.


It has been used since the launch of matelassé and has a bouncy texture. 

It has a finer texture than sheepskin, making it smooth, and it also has a moderate luster, giving it an elegant look.


-Cowhide leather material: caviar skin

Caviar skin has a harder surface than other leather materials.


It is scratch-resistant, and even if scratches do occur, they will not be noticeable due to the unevenness of the fabric.

Therefore, the product can continue to be used without worrying about scratches.


For softness, "soft caviar skin" is recommended.


-Crocodile Leather Material: Exotic Leather

Exotic leather is a general term for leather other than the typical animals (sheep, cow, etc.), specifically crocodile leather, elephant leather, lizard leather, etc.

In particular, crocodile leather in particular is a typical material used in many exotic leathers.


The matelassé bag, which is made of a rare alligator leather material, is characterized by a beautiful scale pattern that is lined up on both sides of the bag.


The bag is difficult to obtain due to its small production volume, and is a special bag because it is a luxury item made of a more rare leather.


-Canvas Material

Canvas material is thick and durable and is often used for fashion items such as clothing and bags.

Because they are more affordable than leather materials, even matelassé bags are easy to reach.

Also, because of its lightweight feel, canvas bags go well with casual fashion.

The wide variety of colors makes it easy to find the preferred color tone of your choice.



-Tweed material

Tweed material is a type of spun fabric made by spinning short wool.

Because it is woven using a number of different colored yarns, there are a wide variety of designs, such as checks and herringbone.

Although it feels rough and hard to the touch at first, it softens with use and becomes more like leather.

The ability to enjoy these changes over time is another characteristic of tweed.

Tweed is used not only for Chanel's matelassé, but also for other fashion items such as jackets.

■Reasons why vintage Chanel Matelassé is so popular

Here are some of the reasons why Vintage Chanel's Matelassé attracts attention.



Lower price than current ones

Good quality so it can be used for a long time

Excellent design



-The price is lower than the current ones

The main reason why vintage Chanel matelassé is attracting attention is "price”.


Since they are sold at relatively lower prices than current models, they are easier to obtain for those who want to buy a Chanel bag but cannot afford it because of the high price.

This is why more and more people are choosing vintage Chanel matelassé over current models.




When you hear the word "vintage", you may have an image that "it may be battered" or "you may not be able to use it for a long time even if you buy it".

However, Chanel products, not limited to matelassé, are of excellent quality.


As a result, they retain their beautiful appearance even after many years and can be used for a long time after purchase.


It is for these reasons that I believe that the vintage Chanel matelassé are also attracting attention.


-Excellent design

Vintage Chanel matelassé is also excellent in design.


There are countless variations: some are made of canvas and encrusted with Chanel's iconic motifs, some have striped designs, and others are decorated with pearls, beads, and other embellishments.

Vintage Chanel Matelassé also comes in a wide variety of colors.

In addition to the standard color of black, there are many shades of red, white, yellow, navy, and pink.

In other words, if you choose a vintage Chanel matelassé, you will not be able to wear the same one as others.

Therefore, it is gaining popularity mainly among those who want to enjoy a unique and fashionable look.

New ones are great, of course, but you can be smart and fashionable with vintage Chanel... ♪


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