Vintage Chanel Matelassé: The Secret to its Popularity vol.1

Vintage Chanel Matelassé: The Secret to its Popularity vol.1

Chanel, a leading fashion brand, has a popular series of "Matelassé".

This series is considered a Chanel staple and is still very popular today.


In this two-part series, I will explore the characteristics of matelassé, as well as its charm, the materials used, and the reasons why vintage Chanel is attracting so much attention.

■What is Vintage Chanel?

Vintage Chanel refers to Chanel products manufactured and released more than 20 years ago. There is no clear definition, but it generally refers to products made in the 1980s and 2000s.

The charm of Vintage Chanel lies in its rarity, which is not available today, and its universal design, which is loved beyond time.

High quality materials, carefully crafted by skilled craftsmen who are not influenced by fashion trends, are the unique charm of Vintage Chanel.

In addition, with the growing awareness of sustainability in recent years, more and more people are choosing vintage products to reduce their environmental impact.

In recent years, prices for vintage Chanel have been on the rise, with rare and valuable pieces in particularly good condition fetching high prices.

■Vintage Chanel prices are soaring

In recent years, the perception of vintage Chanel has changed drastically and is once again attracting hot attention.

The reason is that celebrities have adopted vintage items and vintage Chanel is frequently introduced on SNS, which has reaffirmed its appeal.

In the fashion world, trends are said to cycle every 20 to 30 years.

Now that the fashions of those decades are back in vogue, vintage Chanel is gaining attention as an item with timeless appeal.


■Characteristics of Vintage Chanel “Matelassé“

The "Matelassé" is a classic series of Chanel.

Its name comes from the French word "matelasser", which means "cushion" or "pad".

Matelassé is made by sewing soft fabric into a diamond shape using "two types of thread with different properties.

The result is softness combined with luxury, making it unmistakably Chanel and elegant.

It also has the practicality of not losing its shape, making it ideal for everyday use.

There is no difference in construction between the vintage and current models, and their appearance and size are the same.

However, sometimes the vintage model may lack a bit of plumpness.

The latter part will explain the typical materials used in matelassé bags and the reasons for their popularity.



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