Features of “Made My Weekend,(MMW)”

Features of “Made My Weekend,(MMW)”

We are confident that all of our listed products have been authenticated by our in-house experts.

Have you ever seen anything like this on EC sites?
The market has been flooded with a plethora of counterfeit, making it difficult to identify counterfeit products.
Especially on EC sites and flea market sites, we have seen products that are clearly inferior from an expert's point of view (products that appear to be fakes) being sold with the claim that they are "authenticated and certified".
We understand that customers desire to purchase high-quality products they admire at a reasonable price.
Unfortunately, many people have unknowingly purchased counterfeit products.
We wondered if we could design a service that would offer our customers more confidence in their purchases of authentic products.

We believe that the introduction of third-party certification of appraisals, in addition to internal appraisals, will lead to further confidence as one of the reassuring factors.

All bags we offer come with a digital certificate of authenticity from Entrupy, a third-party AI service with a proven track record worldwide.

The bags listed are approved by in-house professional authenticators and evaluated by at least two external specialists, a total of at least five times or more through a rigorous evaluation process to provide customers with authentic products. This ensures the delivery of high quality, authentic products.

Our appraisal process may be excessive.
However, we have no plans to change it in the future as we believe it is essential for our customers to trust us and have peace of mind. In the unlikely event that we suspect a counterfeit item, we promise a full money back guarantee.

We launched Made My Weekend (MMW) to give our customers the opportunity to incorporate vintage Chanel pieces into their daily lives with ease and confidence, and to help them have the best and most wonderful weekends possible.