Why 'Japan Vintage'

Why 'Japan Vintage'

Japan Vintage Reliability

1. Commitment to ”Used in Japan"

Vintage Chanel Bags and Accessories are exclusively selected from official pre-owned auctions by our in-house professional authenticators. The quality of vintage items sold in Japan is among the best in the world, due to the Japanese national culture of valuing things. Among these, we only handle items in particularly good condition, and we communicate the condition of these items to our customers in a way that is easy to understand. The Maison's high quality and unique craftsmanship make its products timeless and suitable for everyday use.

2. Cost benefits from historic low yen and fixed price increases / Rare designs and hard-to-find items

Another reason to choose Japanese vintage items is that they are reasonably priced in response to the historic depreciation of the yen and price increases.

In particular, Japan around 1990 was blessed with opportunities to acquire Maison items due to the booming economy, and recent reuse auctions in Japan have supplied many vintage items in good condition and rare designs that are not currently available on the market today.

We are also able to offer newer models in good condition at lower than list prices.

3. Identification of  item damage and condition

We select items from official pre-owned auctions that are in particularly good condition, but as they are reused items, they may have minor damage.

Accordingly, we prepare each detailed information with an easy to understand view to help you to fully identify the relevant parts before you make your purchase.

We are absolutely committed to the quality of our item selection, customers can comfortably purchase authentic "Japan Vintage".